For those who are ready to step up and be part of this community of extraordinary women who are changing the way the world does business.

It is clear that the current system isn't working; women are under-represented in the boardroom and in public office and issues such as work-life balance have slipped off the agenda. Now we could sit back and wait for someone else to fix it ... or we can take control ourselves. The3rdi is a community of women, powerful on our own terms, who are the driving force behind the change we want to see. Together we are:
  • Fostering better business practice by encouraging and promoting the authentic voice of women leadership, through engagement with key decision makers and those who can create real change withinin corporations and public bodies.

  • Supporting improved self-esteem within the community of women and in the wider world, by provide a platform withinin the 3rdi magazine for inspirational women to take centre stage and share their success. And through a series of workshops across the UK we give women the skills they need to create their own success stories.

  • Create powerful peer networking and mentoring opportunities within the community. Many groups ask women to join without creating real involvement or real benefit. Women in the3rdi community are committed to collaborating and sharing their ideas and experience, creating a dynamic network of equals.

In summary, benefits include:
  • A share in The 3rdi Magazine Limited member co-operative, with voting rights and a real say in Changing the Way the World does Business

  • A share of dividends payable to shareholders at The3rdi Magazine Limited

  • Opportunities to NetworkUp! at our many peer networking and mentoring events across the UK.

  • An opportunity to submit an article for inclusion in the3rdi magazine, read by thousands of women across the UK.

  • FREE access to member discussion forums

  • FREE listing on the3rdi marketplace (launch Spring 2011)

  • Discounts on the3rdi events and workshops

  • Membership is just £250 for 5 years


Partner Membership is for women who not only want to be part of the community but who want to get involved in writing regular, monthly articles and features for the3rdi magazine and in partnering with us in staging workshops and events across the UK.

Benefits include:
  • All Community Membership Benefits plus

  • A monthly column in the3rdi Magazine, customised to reflect your own business brand and with links through to your website
    Great publicity for your business as there is full promotion of your involvement as a 3rdi columnist through the3rdi magazine social media and associated PR channels

  • Full promotion of the articles themselves every month, through the3rdi magazine social media and associated PR channels

  • Promotion of your business through the3rdi dedicated video channel (launch spring 2011)

Since we are determined to ensure that the content of the3rdi magazine continues at the current extremely high standard, Partner Members are approved by the management team. If you are interested in becoming a columnist then please contact and be prepared to submit an article for approval (approx. 750 words).

In addition our registered partners form the core of those we work with on the many events, workshops and conferences throughout the year. If you would like us to co-promote events, please contact

£1,000 per annum


Affilliate Membership has been specially designed for women's and 3rdi sector organisations. This is a fantastic opportunity to tell thousands of women about your organisation, to attract new members to your network and to raise your profile!

Benefits include:
All Community Membership Benefits plus
  • A permanent, full page article in the3rdi Magazine, with links to the organisation website, to promote the organisation.
  • FREE promotion of events and workshops through the news and events sections of the3rdi magazine. These sections are updated daily and promoted across social media platforms.
  • Partnership with the3rdi Magazine to stage workshops and events appropriate to both organisations.
  • Opportunity to promote your organisation at other 3rdi events.

If you would like more information, please contact

£500 per annum


Supporters Membership has been specially designed for corporations and larger organisations.

Organisations nominate 10 of their most enterprising senior women executives who each become Community Members. These women work with the3rdi Magazine to drive forward the agenda of Changing the Way the World does Business and help to implement lasting change within their organisations while gaining personal benefits in their own networking and development.

£2,500 per annum


If you are not yet ready to step up and be part of this extraordinary venture you can still join us. Sign up to our FREE newsletter and we'll keep you informed of everything that is happening in the community, news, events, discussions and networking.